Ever fallen short in your writing?

If you’re a student who’s ever come up 200 words short on a 1000 word essay or simply been a writer at a loss for words, WordStretcher is the answer. WordStretcher is a service that intelligently beefs up your word count and increases the length of your essay or document in a sensible, natural, understandable style. If you’ve ever written all you had to say and still need more,  WordStretcher is the easy, practical answer you’ve been looking for.

WordStretcher Examples – before & after:

1) Before:  Because it rained, we had to cancel the trip.

After (replacing “because”):  Due to numerous factors that exerted unforeseen pressure on various aspects of the situation, including the simple fact that it rained, we had to cancel the trip.

2) Before:  We had to go.

After (replacing “had”):  We were affected by circumstances that ultimately proved to be beyond our control, forcing us to change our plans and leaving us no choice but to vacate the premises.

3) Before I don’t know why.

After (adding words to the end of the sentence):  I don’t know why events unfolded the way that they did; the true source of the change is something that will always remain a mystery to me.

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