Mister Words is actually two Misters, Bob Burris and Brian Rouff, who have more than 50 years’ writing experience between them. Meet them up-close and sorta personal in the bios below:

Bob Burris

Bob Burris has been a guiding force behind such high profile network television shows as Warner Brothers’ “Growing Pains, “on which he served as supervising producer; executive producer/showrunner on Disney’s “Thunder Alley” and the Dave Chappelle vehicle “Buddies,” created by Matt Williams (Roseanne, Home Improvement); executive producer/showrunner of “In the House” starring LL Cool J; supervising producer of “Just the Ten of Us” and executive producer/showrunner of the Disney Channel original series “The Jersey,” as well as contributing to numerous pilots.

As a feature film writer and producer, Bob has written and produced the inspirational film “1000 to 1,” produced the feature documentary “Sample This,” written a remake of the classic comedy “The Toy” for Columbia Pictures, the original thriller “Sometimes the Devil Wins” for Troika Pictures, the historical drama “First Allies” and worked on “The Governess” for Bob Yari Film Group, “PPP” for Screen Gems, as well as numerous rewrites on a number of successful family films. He is currently developing feature film and television projects with production partners in China, Germany, Greece, Israel and the U.S.

Before launching his career as a writer/producer, Bob was an executive at NBC and ABC, working in promotion and programming. He has worked extensively with the Warner Bros. Writer’s Workshop, nurturing and developing aspiring television and screenwriters, teaching craft and helping them shape their work.

Brian Rouff

Brian Rouff was born in Detroit, raised in Southern California and has lived in Las Vegas since 1981, which makes him a long-timer by local standards.

Brian, a UCLA grad with a B.A. in Communication Studies and a minor in Journalism, has written everything from TV and radio commercials to books, short stories and scripts over the course of a career spanning more than three decades. His breakthrough novel, Dice Angel, is one of the top-rated Las Vegas books on Amazon.com. He has also authored Money Shot, Restless City and The House Always Wins, a body of work that firmly establishes him as one of the keenest observers of life in Sin City. No less an authority than best-selling author Tod Goldberg has said, “Brian has a chance to be to Vegas what Carl Hiaasen is to Florida.”

Brian has also facilitated or moderated hundreds of writing seminars, workshops and one-on-one sessions throughout the country at book festivals, fairs, writers’ conferences, book stores, libraries, schools and other venues. He loves nothing more than helping writers at every stage improve their craft and become the best they’re capable of being.

Whether it’s ghostwriting, coaching, tutoring, editing or group presentations, Brian can add value to your engagement and help you achieve your writing goals.