A while back a friend of mine emailed me and asked me about setting up a simple blog style website. Since I’ve built hundreds of personal websites from scratch over the years, his question got me thinking and I decided to write this article about starting a blog site.

Typically when someone is shopping for a blog website, I ask a few qualifying questions, such as budget, goals and target market. I also explain that just having a website is not going to do much, unless you are actively promoting it, with money and time. Most people are looking at their shoes at this point because they haven’t yet done any research of their own and don’t know what they’re getting into.

Understanding that some people are extremely gifted when it comes to promoting and marketing a business, but may not be very technically inclined, while others may understand the basics about blogging and even social media, yet know very little about sound business promotion techniques, I encourage people, especially those on a limited budget to hire and expert in these areas, to educate themselves and do as much of the work on their own as possible. Many people try, most fail and it’s typically due to lack of preparation and lack of motivation that are the cause.

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