A very exciting day for Mister Words; we’ve just been hired by a person to work on writing a book/memoir about their unique and fascinating spiritual journey. It truly is the highlight of what we do: meeting new people, creating new stories, embarking on new adventures.

Joseph Campbell wrote a very insightful book called “The Hero With a Thousand Faces” which describes the journey taken by protagonists from ancient myth through current Hollywood blockbusters. As a writer, learning about this journey is fascinating. And it gets even better. In his equally powerful book “The Hero’s Journey,” Christopher Vogler uncovers an exciting truth: as a writer works on a project, he or she undertakes a journey that is virtually identical to the one they are writing about. There are obstacles to overcome, monsters to slay, foes and allies to discover and in the end a treasure to find.

That’s why Mister Words loves what he does for a living. Every new project takes us to worlds that we never knew existed. Each person we work with reminds us of how much there is yet to learn about life.

Are you ready for your next adventure? It waits just around the next corner — and the first step¬† begins when you pick up a pen or sit down at the keyboard.