Standard Fees:

While most projects require a custom proposal for editing and / or ghost writing services we understand that many people are looking for a ball park figure from which to base their decision on. When dealing with Mister Words you can be assured that you are choosing the best in the industry and we have the credentials and experience to back that up. With that said here is a general cost for editing services.

Flat rate for editing services – $10 per 250-word page. (minimum fee applicable)


Pages submitted for revisions or additional editing will require additional billing.

Minimum Fee:

Mister Words does not employ dozens of writers toiling for minimum wage punching out hundreds of pages every hour. We are a small group of highly talented, battle-hardened professionals dedicated to our craft. While not averse to working on small projects, we are more interested in working on larger projects and for this reason we do require a minimum fee.

Our minimum fee is $100 which covers editing of up to 2,500 words or 10 pages. If the initial submission is less then 2,500 words or 10 pages, we will apply the balance of the minimum fee to a first round of revisions, as long as the revisions and initial submission do not exceed 2,500 words.

For more information on Ghost Writing Services please contact Brian Rouff at (702) 373-2609 or visit the contact page to send an email via the online contact form.